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The Hidden Hazards of Damp and Mould

Damp and mould aren't just unsightly; they pose significant risks to both your property and well-being. Moisture accumulation can compromise the structural integrity of your home potentially leading to costly repairs.

Additionally, mould spores can exacerbate allergies, trigger respiratory issues, and impact overall indoor air quality.

UNITY Smart Social Housing offers a proactive approach to detect early signs of damp and mould, empowering you with actionable tips to tackle these issues before they escalate. Take control of your environment and let’s make social housing smarter, together

How UNITY Helps
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How UNITY Helps

Join hands with UNITY to foster healthy and happy living environments.

Health Benefits

Improved Air Quality: UNITY continuously monitors air temperature and humidity. Proper ventilation and humidity control reduce the risk of respiratory issues.

Early Hazard Detection: UNITY's sensors identify health hazards related to damp and mould early, allowing for timely interventions, protecting tenants from associated health problems.'

Living Conditions

Optimal Temperature Control: UNITY provides precise room temperature, enhancing tenant education on when it might be best to save energy on heating.

Mould and Damp Prevention: UNITY's real-time monitoring and alert system help to prevent the conditions for mould and damp, ensuring clean, dry, and safe living spaces.

Fuel Poverty Reduction

Energy Efficiency: UNITY optimizes energy usage, reducing tenants' bills and alleviating fuel poverty.

Affordability Programs: UNITY offers data-driven insights to housing associations, helping identify tenants at risk of fuel poverty and enabling targeted support programs.

Additional Benefits for Housing Associations

Cost Savings: UNITY's predictive maintenance reduces maintenance costs, preventing costly damage. - Coming Soon

Compliance Management: UNITY assists housing associations in meeting regulatory requirements, providing data and reports for health and safety standards compliance. - Coming Soon

Additional Benefits
for Tenants

Peace of Mind: Tenants enjoy continuous monitoring and optimization of their living conditions, contributing to a better quality of life.

Greater Tenant Satisfaction: UNITY empowers tenants with more control over their living spaces, fostering longer-term tenancies and improved relationships with housing associations.

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Features of UNITY

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For Housing Associations

UNITY empowers Housing Associations to provide tenants with safer, more comfortable homes. Monitor properties remotely and ensure their well-being. Housing associations can identify at-risk tenants and intervene more effectively, fostering safer and healthier communities.

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For Tenants

UNITY empowers Tenants to take control of their living conditions. Our companion app offers valuable insights and tips to enhance their comfort and well-being.

Help Hub

Housing Associations and Tenants will be able to access our rich repository of practical tips and advice. UNITY empowers tenants with education and knowledge to proactively enhance their living environments.

UNITY will also support and communicate Housing Association initiatives via this feature.

UNITY's Mission

At AGS, we are committed to transforming social housing through our UNITY Smart Social Housing project. We empower tenants with real-time data on temperature, humidity, and security to enhance comfort, health, and energy efficiency. In collaboration with housing associations and local authorities, we provide actionable insights for proactive, data-driven property maintenance.

Together, we aim to create smarter, safer, and more sustainable living environments. Let's make a difference in social housing, today and for the future.

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